Jasen Hansen

The spring of 2017 was Jasen's inaugural season at Cincinnati Tennis Club as the General Manager and Tennis Director. Jasen comes to CTC with 20 years of overall experience in the industry as a staff pro or lead tennis director at different locations. During the winter months, Jasen is a contracted and staff pro at Eastern Hills Indoor Tennis Club, where he has been since 1999. Before that he was at Colonial Racquet Club from 1997-1999, and prior to that he was a junior pro at the Beverly Hills Racquet Club in Michigan. Jasen's passion for tennis has grown and taken a different form since he first picked up a racquet over 30 years ago as a competitor. Although he still enjoys playing on occasion, his passion has shifted, and he would tell you that using his knowledge of the sport to teach is both satisfying and rewarding. Jasen is ready and very excited to take Cincinnati Tennis Club, which already has a very successful and well attended program and event guide, and further develop the eager membership to build on the great foundation laid by many great predecessors through the decades. 

Jasen and his wife Jessica have one son together, Parker (3 years old), and Jessica is stepmom to Jasen's two older sons, Alexander (12 years old) and Lucas (11 years old). In his off time, Jasen enjoys spending time with his family. He loves cheering his older sons on during their basketball and baseball games, and his youngest son keeps him on his toes as he develops his little personality.

To contact Jasen, call or text him at 513.628.9684 or email him at jasenhansen2323@gmail.com.

Jonathan Hart

Jonathan comes to Cincinnati Tennis Club with over 7 years experience as a tennis professional. Growing up here, he acquired a passion for tennis at an early age and ended up playing #1 singles for Mariemont High School. Afterwards, he attended NKU where he played for a team that was nationally ranked top 50 in the NCAA Division II league. Jonathan spent the last 4 years in the medical consulting industry and recently came back to tennis with a renewed passion for the game he loves. His number one goal as a tennis instructor is injury prevention which he believes can be attained with technically sound stroke production learned through an easy-to-understand fact based approach to the game. Jonathan will be going into his 4th year as a contracted staff professional for Eastern Hills Indoor Tennis Club and is proud to be a part of the tradition of Cincinnati Tennis Club.

You may contact Jonathan at 513.500.7891 or hartj85@gmail.com.